Pork Box Better Cuts 10 lbs

Pork Box Better Cuts 10 lbs


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Mixed pork from pasture-raised pigs. Our pigs are rotationally pastured, regenerating the land, and fed soy-free, non-GMO feed.

We sell out of the premium cuts quickly, usually, within 2 weeks, don’t wait. Get a good mix of premium cuts before the crowds and get a discount over market rates.

Each box contains a minimum of 10 lb of meat and a value of more than the retail value of mixed products. If you want anything particular, like a knuckle, or a pig ear for the doggo, let us know in the comments and we will support you as best as our supply allows.

Boxes include ground pork, brats, meat sticks (do you like plain or jalapeno cheddar?), the THICKEST chops, breakfast sausage, and ribs or a shoulder roast.


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