Whole-Pig Pork

Whole-Pig Pork


Pasture-raised, non-GMO, non-soy pork.

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Pasture-raised pork, fed non-GMO and no soy. These are drug-free pigs out in the pasture living their best piggy lives. You won’t find pork with this much flavor and none of that weird grocery store flavor. This is top-quality meat for your table, with a distinctly different flavor from anything at the grocery store.

Pre-Order your pork now, choose your butcher and the cuts you prefer. You have the option of using the Devine Meat Company in Devine, TX at no additional charge. We will deliver to the butcher of your choice within 45 minutes of Devine, an additional per mile charge of $2.5/mile applies to anything farther. Let us know when you choose a butcher and their contact info so we can ensure all the scheduling is complete ahead of time.

Pigs will be ready for Freezer Camp in December 2022, Pre-Order now. These pigs will finish at well over 300lbs, that’s less than $5/lb for the best quality pork you can find.


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