Pasture-raised, grass-fed lamb is our specialty.  Give your family the best quality meat you can find.  The grocery store can’t give you the quality we provide.  Our sheep legitimately don’t have a barn because they live their life in the field.  If you want the healthiest meat or some of the best stock in Texas, send us an email.  We’re a husband and wife team, Air Force Veterans, seeking to build a group of folks in the region who value high-quality, ethically raised meat. The Registered St Croix breed is on fire with no sign of slowing, we have a backlog for 3+ years of folks looking for ewes.  We are currently expanding our herd, so we have limited ewes for sale, but we do have rams.  Our current herd sire is Scrapie resistant, which means he has genetics resistant to the Sheep version of mad cow.  If you want a ram from his line, we have them.  Once the rams hit 3 months old, if they aren’t spoken for, they get snipped and go for meat.  That’s how you get the delicious meat.  They have 2 bad days, neutering day and butcher day.  The rest of our sheep and lambs’ lives are pretty chill.  They eat grass, hang out in the shade, and bleat at us when we visit them with alfalfa snacks.  We are the only farm in the Greater San Antonio area that we are aware of grazing lambs like Greg Judy, sustainably.

We team with Smith Pasture Farm for some of our grazing and hope to expand to team with other farms as well, our sheep live on grass.  This does a few things, most importantly decreasing parasite load.  It isn’t possible to overemphasize the impact and challenges of parasites on smaller livestock.  The smaller the animal, the more susceptible to parasites they are.  Your average wormer/anti-parasitic, like Ivermectin, temporarily used for fighting COVID still isn’t something you want in your food or want to consume regularly.  Medications damage our kidneys and liver, just like the sheep.  We don’t want you or our animals ingesting anything damaging, so we move pasture frequently and have only administered a wormer once in our first 2 years.  We had to worm our ram as he had too high a parasite load coming in and we thought it best.  Nobody else in the San Antonio area is this level of wormer free.

Our second biggest reason for not using wormer frequently, and moving the sheep frequently is to let the wormer resistant parasites die a nice, natural death.  Leave those puppies in the field, and hot South Texas Sun long enough, they’re dead.  Your barber pole worm can last up to 4 months on a dry grass stem, that’s how long we wait to cycle the sheep back through the same space.  Our sheep also avoid murdering their favorite grasses by overgrazing them.  This is the equivalent of forcing the kids to eat their broccoli and Brussel sprouts.  Sheep, like everyone else, prefer the good stuff and will eat it until it is gone if you let them.  By moving them frequently, our meat has a more complete vitamin/mineral profile but also ensures proper balance of your Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids.  If you give a ruminant grain, it messes their stomach up all sorts of ways, but creates the beloved “fat cap”.  Our lamb doesn’t have that.  You will find small strands of fat throughout the meat and a very small fat cap, requiring the meat to be cooked significantly lower and slower than the average slab of meat you get from the store.  We love HEB and all the small grocery stores like Food King in the San Antonio area, but you can’t find our lamb in those stores because of the freshness and quality.

Our lamb doesn’t have the chemicals in it compared to your average feedlot lamb, you are genuinely giving your family the best meat available.  If you’re like us, you want your kids to have the best quality meat available.  Lamb is beautifully flavored and super high quality.  The tenderness is similar to veal, but these guys weren’t kept in an 8′ x 8′ pen, they were allowed to run, jump, and play with their friends.  Happy lambs make meat you can stomach, happily.  Happy lamb goes right to your freezer, you can see it in the pasture if you buy a whole lamb, they’re surprisingly affordable if you buy a whole or half lamb.  We can also meet you at a drop point in San Antonio, Lytle, Castroville, or Hondo.

Be the hero of your dinner table, give your family the best meat, Smart Growth Farm.