Pastured Pork

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out extremely quickly, please check back or get on our mailing list.  We sell at a couple of West San Antonio Markets (Castroville & Devine) in conjunction with Smith Pastures.  We also service drop points at the Walmart Parking Lot on Potranco & 410 but are willing to make other arrangements for anyone ordering more than $150 individually or combined with other orders at the same drop point.

You can’t find this good or high-quality pork anywhere in the San Antonio area.  Cook the best pork and healthiest protein available.  These pigs live their best lives on fresh pasture every day, getting to chase down bugs as well as one another, roll in the dirt, and do all the things you wouldn’t believe pigs love to do.  We are providing you not only optimum quality in our pork, in addition to an ethically raised animal but also consistent meat during times of supply chain shortages and unstable prices.

From babies all the way to freezer camp, our family raises top-quality pigs for your family.  This is top-quality pastured pork and the only pork on the market you can buy with cryptocurrency.  While we prefer Bitcoin, we will accept anything WooCommerce takes and if you really prefer privacy, email us to set up payment and pickup with Pirate Chain (ARRR), the best privacy coin available.  Start buying your food with Bitcoin today!


Locally sourced pigs are grown and fed locally. They have water, food, sun, shade, grass, and lots of space to run, jump, and chase one another what more could a pig want.