Web Design

Don’t pay a company to own your website, domain name, & content! We are here to help!

At Smart Growth Farms, we don’t hold your website for ransom or set up your website only to be shut  down for “wrong-think.” 

  1. Website hosting & your 1st Amendment right. 

    • Hostinger has been great to us. (We are a referral partner, your click gets us a little cash). Hostinger firmly believes in American rights & supports your business as long as you are not doing anything illegal! 
  2. Domain name – Search Engine Optimization.
    • If possible, use 2 words or less, don’t be too specific & use “.com” only. You should use a domain that your visitors will like, remember, & is something you can brand. SanAntonioFarmer.com sounds great, but you might have difficulty in marketing if you move, expand, or reduce your business.
  3. WordPress – Website Development.
    • WordPress.com has several plugins that are great & have not shown censorship!
  4. WooCommerce – You’re ready for business!
    • WooCommerce is an excellent, free WordPress plugin that enables inventory management, online sales, & in-person sales from a mobile device.
  5. Payment processor.
    • Currently, Stripe is the cheapest processor among it, Square, & Woo-Commerce payments. However, Stripe lacks Square’s attractive point-of-sale solutions. Square and Woo-Commerce payments are roughly the same cost. All options may be compatible with the M2 card reader (we have not verified).
  6. Consider Bitcoin.
    • Multiple forms of pay allow for a larger pool of consumers. The Exodus e-wallet is the easiest to use & has customer support. For safety, we recommend Ledger Nano for safe storage. If you want to switch from Bitcoin to US Dollars immediately, we recommend Strike.

 If building your website sounds overwhelming, we will build you a website or show you how!

Help me get started – $250

  • 1 year of hosting, 2 hours of setup & consult.

Build my website – $600

  • Operability over Aesthetics. We will build you a baseline website in 1-2 days & we pay for the hosting on our servers. 
  • 1 website | 3 pages max | 1 menu bar | Woo Commerce set up for sales | hosting for up to 1 year 

Disclaimer – If your website requires too many resources due to content, videos, etc., we reserve the right to transfer the website to the owner to host or shut it down to mitigate damage to other sites on the server. 

Bandwidth limitations apply,