Web Design

After many requests for help and talking with folks needing a better solution, we decided to help out in a more sustainable way.

  1. You need a website.
  2. You needed that website 2 years ago to ensure your domain has the credibility to be found by a Screwggle search.
  3. You don’t want to be trapped by a company owning your site, domain name, and content, holding it all ransom, or worse yet, shutting you down for wrong-think.
  4. You must host your website somewhere that doesn’t shut people down for wrong-think.
    • There are many options out there, and we won’t prescribe a particular provider, but we will say that Hostinger has been great to us. (We are a referral partner, your click gets us a little cash.)
  5. Buy a domain name.
    • Keep it to 2 words or less if you can. As you can see, we couldn’t make that work.
    • Use a .com; we initially tried SmartGrowth.Live, but most people get too confused and add a .com after it, then get frustrated because they can’t find our site.
    • Don’t get too specific with your name. SanAntonioFarmer.com sounds great, but you might have difficulty in marketing if you move 20 minutes away to a small town for a bigger shop or farm.
  6. Use WordPress software for your website building.
    • WordPress.com will shut you down for wrong-think if they decide your site hosts content they don’t agree with. Only use their free, open-source software. Their plugins are great and have not shown the censorship of their main company, likely due to the obfuscation away from the brand name.
  7. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good. Look through some Free themes, take a week or 2 to decide which one gives you the layout you like best, and build a NICE-looking site. If you focus on beauty, you’ll spend more on Barn2Door or any other Do-It-For-Me services and never actually publish your website.
    • Build functionality first; let aesthetics follow. If you’re dead set on making your site BEAUTIFUL, get a functioning store working first, then spend the next decade of your life making a beautiful version you can publish whenever you achieve perfection. (Hint, that doesn’t ever happen for you perfectionists.)
    • Use Youtube; it’s an incredible help.
  8. Once you’re ready for business, WooCommerce is an excellent, free WordPress plugin that enables inventory management, online sales, as well as in-person sales from a mobile device. It also integrates with a few plugins for accepting BTC. There are probably some crypto plugins, but that’s not something we deal with.
    • Check the cost of the various payment processors. At the time of this writing, Stripe is the cheapest but lacks Square’s attractive POS (Point of Sale) solutions, which is about the same cost as Woo-Commerce payments. We’re told the M2 card reader from all 3 is compatible across the board, but we haven’t verified. If that’s the case, switching becomes a lot easier.
  9. Lastly and most importantly, accept Bitcoin. Unless you hate money, take any form of money people want to give you. Once you get more than a couple hundred dollars worth, put it into a Ledger Nano for safe storage. When first starting, use the Exodus wallet on your phone; it’s by far the easiest to use with customer support. If you want to immediately switch to US Dollars, we recommend Strike.
    • Not only is Bitcoin a great way to break into another Niche market, but it ensures you can’t be unbanked. Keep your BTC in your control, and you will always control your wealth and financial sovereignty.  No matter your economic status, Bitcoin can greatly benefit your business.


If building your own website sounds overwhelming, we will build you a website or, preferably, show you how.


Teach me how to build a website, and get me off to the races! – $250

  • To help you get started and teach you, we will set you up with 1 year of hosting and 2 hours of setup and consult.

Build me an MVP website – $600

  • We aren’t going to make a $10K site; understand that a beautiful website takes weeks to build and is not something we’re interested in, as that is not our target market. We want to get your operational for the lowest cost and time possible. This takes us 1-2 days of work, and we pay for the hosting on our servers. (If you start pulling too many resources with too much content, videos, etc, we reserve the right to transfer your site to you to host or shut it down to mitigate damage to other sites on the server.)
  • 1 Functioning website
  • Up to 3 pages
  • 1 Menu Bar
  • Woo Commerce Setup for sales
  • Hosting for up to 1 year (bandwidth limitations apply)